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US-2011274723-A1: Cancer immunotherapy and method of treatment patent, US-2011275362-A1: Communications system, base station apparatus, and communication method patent, US-2011286865-A1: Hermetic compressor patent, US-2011312859-A1: Proppants containing dispersed piezoelectric or magnetostrictive fillers or mixtures thereof, to enable proppant tracking and monitoring in a downhole environment patent, US-2012010484-A1: Photobiological measuring device and analyzing method patent, US-2012026053-A1: Antenna patent, US-2012037056-A1: Process for Operating a Fossil Fuel Fired Power Plant patent, US-2012040701-A1: Apparatus and method for reducing interferences between base stations in wireless communication system patent, US-2012054589-A1: System and method for an online memories and greeting service patent, US-2012062838-A1: Method and Apparatus for Treating Vision Neglect patent, US-2012065742-A1: Rotation structure of knee joint of artificial limb patent, US-2012111011-A1: Bypass turbine intake patent, US-2012170942-A1: all silicon 750nm and cmos-based optical communication system utilizing mod-e avalanche leds patent, US-2012182619-A1: Tunable frequency selector patent, US-2012184591-A1: Methods for treating prostatitis patent, US-2012194178-A1: Rotor for rotation sensor patent, US-2012194456-A1: Portable communication terminal and display method patent, US-2012204023-A1: Distribution system and method for distributing digital information patent, US-2012208006-A1: Cubic boron nitride sintered body tool patent, US-2012208465-A1: Three-dimension (3d) glasses and method for controlling power and pairing thereof patent, US-2012212281-A1: Level shifter patent, US-2012212547-A1: Droplet discharging head and image forming apparatus patent, US-2012217940-A1: Delay compensation systems and methods for dc to dc converters patent, US-2012219120-A1: Medical examination or treatment device patent, US-2012244423-A1: Laminate case secondary battery patent, US-2012249649-A1: Image forming apparatus patent, US-2012257617-A1: System and method for routing communications between packet networks based on real time pricing patent, US-2012262951-A1: Power converter having semiconductor switching element patent, US-2012270166-A1: Rapid conductive cooling using a secondary process plane patent, US-2012299312-A1: Case Latch Assembly patent, US-2011058392-A1: Current-sharing power supply apparatus patent, US-2012304913-A1: Superfluous sealing, buoyancy and immersion controlling system for floating appliances patent, US-2012321100-A1: Wide Dynamic Range Microphone patent, US-2012322279-A1: Solderable elastic electric contact terminal patent, US-2012322752-A1: SOLID DISPERSIONS CONTAINING 20-O-beta-D-GLUCOPYRANOSYL-20(S)-PROTOPANAXADIOL patent, US-2012328522-A1: Diagnostic composition comprising plasma cations having superior safety profile patent, US-2013027143-A1: Antiresonant frequency-varying complex resonance circuit patent, US-2013039762-A1: Adjustment system for the pitch angle of a wind turbine patent, US-2013041458-A1: Method of in situ formation of translumenally deployable heart valve support patent, US-2013060903-A1: Pseudo Proxy Server patent, US-2013095366-A1: Stacked constructions for electrochemical batteries patent, US-2013102698-A1: Dual cure adhesives patent, US-2013103570-A1: System and method for determining credit quality index patent, US-2013105044-A1: Inflator patent, US-2013107645-A1: Nonvolatile Memory And Writing Method Thereof, And Semiconductor Device patent, US-2013124607-A1: Diagnostic heartbeating in a distributed data processing environment patent, US-2013133020-A1: Protocol for Control of Network or Bus Attached Cable TV Set-Top Box Front-End Functionality patent, US-2013139299-A1: Kit of a plurality of detachable pockets, a detachable pocket, and associated methods patent, US-2013150421-A1: Combination of 4-benzamide and a nmda receptor antagonist and pharmaceutical compositions containing the same patent, US-2013167219-A1: Apparatus and method for cyber-attack prevention patent, US-2013175953-A1: Sequential pulse firing of multiple motors in an flywheel array patent, US-2013180395-A1: Oil-Pressure Apparatus patent, US-2013182817-A1: Timing generation circuit patent, US-2013208118-A1: Vehicular infrared night assistant driving system patent, US-2013237170-A1: Arbitrary multiband overlay mixer apparatus and method for bandwidth multiplication patent, US-2013247718-A1: Methods Of Metal Extraction Using Oximes patent, US-2013263642-A1: Method and system for testing and calibrating an accelerometer of an electronic device patent, US-2013263752-A1: Method and related devices for carrying out tbm excavation and expansion blasting using a blast protector and a cart patent, US-2013275124-A1: Generation of pictorial reporting diagrams of lesions in anatomical structures patent, US-2013275235-A1: Using linear and log-linear model combinations for estimating probabilities of events patent, US-2013276021-A1: Embedded video player with modular ad processing patent, US-2013276558-A1: Pipe inspection system patent, US-2013276829-A1: Washing Debris Carrying Items on Wash Pads patent, US-2013288844-A1: Continuously variable transmission patent, US-2013289646-A1: Implantable neurostimulator for providing electrical stimulation of cervical vagus nerves for treatment of chronic cardiac dysfunction with bounded titration patent, US-2013329275-A1: Optical devices with switchable particles patent, US-2013330075-A1: Transmission apparatus and transmission method patent, US-2013331453-A1: 4-(phenoxyalkyl)thio)-phenoxyacetic acids and analogs patent, US-2013334210-A1: Induction heating cooker and control method for same patent, US-2014006109-A1: System and Methods for Generating Price Sensitivity patent, US-2014014062-A1: Method and device for controlling a four-stroke internal combustion engine patent, US-2014020883-A1: Sectioned flow device patent, US-2014058800-A1: Method and system for evaluating operation continuity patent, US-2014060411-A1: Annular buoyant body patent, US-2014065130-A1: Method for treating premature ejaculation with a neurotoxin patent, US-2014073276-A1: Entertainment system patent, US-2014095204-A1: Automated medical cohort determination patent, US-2014124779-A1: Display device and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-2014126734-A1: Providing Ambient Naturalness in ANR Headphones patent, US-2014160220-A1: Method and device for producing color images on substrates containing color bodies and products produced thereby patent, US-2014168013-A1: Method for operating a handheld screening device and handheld screening device patent, US-2014200383-A1: Forming ethylene patent, US-2014202750-A1: Multilayer substrate module patent, US-2014214613-A1: Prioritization of third party access to an online commerce site patent, US-2014214956-A1: Method and apparatus for managing sessions of different websites patent, US-2014225922-A1: System and method for an augmented reality software application patent, US-2014226397-A1: Nonvolatile memory device and control method thereof patent, US-2014228844-A1: Electrode arrangement and electrosurgical gripping instrument patent, US-2014229085-A1: Control device and control method for vehicle patent, US-2014231068-A1: Apparatus and method for setting a cementitious material plug patent, US-2014243699-A1: Method and arrangement for determining an overhydration parameter or a body composition parameter patent, US-2014249818-A1: Document Transcription System Training patent, US-2014249836-A1: Claim driven medical event systems and methods patent, US-2014254032-A1: Asymmetric Aberration Correcting Lens patent, US-2014259051-A1: Automatic creation of frame accurate program/commercial triggers for live/automated television programs patent, US-2014277380-A1: Stent patent, US-2014305305-A1: Air cleaner and pill dispenser with air cleaner patent, US-2014305819-A1: Wipes dispenser with self-closing lid patent, US-2014331966-A1: Method for operating a gasoline engine having a completely open throttle valve and a gasoline engine patent, US-2014337114-A1: Application Activity System patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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